When Christmas is a Beautiful Messhttp://www.mops.org/blog/when-christmas-is-a-beautiful-mess

Shake It Off, The-Flame-January-February-2014

Blue Star Museums: The Magic House

The Bleak Mid-Winter, Between-The-Lines-Spring-2013-Volume-3-Issue-2

I’m Adopted, You’re Adopted, The-Flame-May-June-2013

Community 101: Basic Training, Between-The-Lines-Winter-2013-Volume-3-Issue-1

Marriage 101, Between-The-Lines-Fall-2012-Volume-2-Issue-4

Moving? Prepare Your Kids, Thriving Family magazine, Summer 2012

Parenting 101, Between-The-Lines-Summer-2012-Volume-2-Issue-3

Success Story: Our Weekly Meal Plan, FamilyFun magazine, September 2011

The Church: God’s Spiritual Family, The-Flame-May-June-2012#page=7

Hope in Christ Alone, Between-the-Lines-Spring-2012-Volume-2-Issue-2

Everybody Plays the Fool, Between-the-Lines-Winter-2012-Volume-2-Issue-1

Delight, Trust, Wait, Between-the-Lines-Winter-2011-Volume-1-Issue-4

Got an Attitude? Practice Some Daily GratitudeThe-Flame-November-December-2011

Are We Getting Wiser or Just Older?, Between-the-Lines-Fall-2011-Volume-1-Issue-3

Off the Map?, Between-the-Lines-Summer-2011-Volume-1-Issue-2

Are You Weary?, Between-the-Lines-Spring-2011-Volume-1-Issue-1


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