Speaking Topics

 Running Free: Overcoming Barriers to Freedom in Christ

Jesus came to give us the power to live an abundant life. But like Eve before us, many of us are held captive by the trappings of this world and our own minds. If you want to learn to live a life of intention, purpose, simplicity, and freedom then join Lindsay as she helps you discover:

  • How to break free from the cycle of worry and anxiety
  • How to slow down and start living a God-filled life of purpose
  • How to avoid the comparison trap and embrace God’s unique calling for your life


 “Thank you so much for speaking to our MOPS group this year! Your words offered so much so much encouragement to the ladies in our group and your love for us was very heart-felt.”

-Wendy Rosborg, CUMC MOPS Coordinator 

“I had the pleasure of hearing Lindsay Tallman speak at a church women’s conference in 2012. Lindsay is a refreshingly honest, witty, and sentimental speaker. She has a talent of tying real-life emotions and experiences in with a good dose of humor. After hearing her speak, I walked away with a smile on my face, tears in eyes and some practical life tips to try. I enjoyed every minute of listening to her and left certain that speaking to women is a spiritual gift of Lindsay’s. I look forward to hearing her speak every opportunity I get!”

-Julie Crask, www.works4water.blogspot.com

 “Lindsay speaks from her heart, mining everyday life experiences for nuggets of God’s Truth. She articulates what it means to serve God in the midst of busy family life. And she shares with her audience as a peer, not an authority who is out of touch with day-to-day struggles. With straightforward and practical wisdom, Lindsay inspires.

-Emily Climaco, writer at www.commonplacesoil.com

 Lindsay is happy to custom-tailor her message for your event. Please fill out the contact form for more information about booking.

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