In the Meantime

My #2 (yes, we use a highly sophisticated code in our house for referring to our children) sighed this morning and said, “Whenever I try to teleport myself, it doesn’t happen.  It makes my life seem so lame.” Lame, indeed.  

Some days, staying in the same place is just plain hard.  We have been waiting for adoption paperwork from China that says we can go get our little girl.  In the meantime, the seasons have changed and she has grown from a toddler to a preschooler.  A few days before her 3rd Birthday this month, I pulled out an outfit with a 3 embroidered on it.  And for the first time, I cried.  Why can’t I be there to celebrate that she is fearfully and wonderfully made? 

The smile that greets me each morning.

In my head, I know that God’s timing is perfect and he wastes nothing.  I’ve learned this lesson before.  But my heart still questions, “Why not today? Do it now!” 

The truth is we are all waiting for something.  And when that something comes, it may have us shouting for joy or weeping for sorrow.  So what do we do in the meantime?  We live our lives.  We celebrate the joy of the moment.  We stay close to him and delight in the knowledge of his love for us.  We surrender control and we trust.   

Because one day when we stop waiting and we start living, we will get a word, a decision, an email, a phone call, or a package that will change everything.

My FedEx delivery man was lucky he was in such a hurry or I would have given him a big, awkward stranger hug.

And we will know that the waiting was not wasted.  The joy of this moment was part of the still waiting of the moments before.  Like David, we will sing a new song and know that only God could see the path before us clearly. 

How many times have we cheated ourselves of seeing a miracle by trying to hurry the wait?  Let’s wait patiently for God so he can get all the glory.  Only he knows when it is time to go.

I waited patiently for God to help me; then he listened and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out from the bog and the mire, and set my feet on a hard, firm path and steadied me as I walked along.  He has given me a new song to sing, of praises to our God.  Now many will hear of the glorious things he did for me, and stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in him. Psalm 40:1-3

 The latest issue of Between the Lines magazine is here.  This issue is all about forgiveness.  I took a walk down memory lane to the early years of my marriage.  I hope it encourages you and makes you laugh!

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